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Living well

Be an active part of things

Retirement shouldn’t be so much about slowing down - but rather about doing more of the things we’ve always loved to do, right? We all want to continue to be a part of the community and feel a sense of pride and purpose. So at Living Well Park Lane we’re breaking the mould of traditional retirement living and we’re building a village community that offers great ways to stay engaged.

Our 5 Acres Café is located on the ground floor of our living well building. A second café will be part of stage 3, that will also be open to the wider community. This café will be stocked with our produce, our jam, our honey, our veges and seedlings. You can even whip up a batch of scones to go with our customers’ coffee and tea if you’re keen to do some baking! There will be a great local menu and we’d love to offer some of our own specialty dishes. 

We’ll have a gardener to help us grow and make our own garden produce in our raised garden beds and glass house – and we’d love some extra assistance if you’re keen to help out. We have regular market days on the village lawns to help us share and sell what we produce. We’ll even nurture small farm animals like piglets and orphan lambs in season, keep chickens for eggs and bees for honey and we’ll welcome children and family to come and enjoy them with us. There’s nothing like a small batch of new chicks to get everyone excited!

School children and other volunteers will help us with seasonal garden work, weeding and taking care of the animals and in return, we will impart our knowledge and experiences to them, teaching them valuable life skills that they will keep forever.

Whatever your passion, we’ll embrace it! If you’re keen on woodworking, our blokes’ shed will be the perfect spot to use your skills and perhaps even teach others a few of the tricks you’ve learned. If you love quilting or craft, you’ll have the perfect community in which to share your creativity and ideas. Whatever your passion, the idea is to do more of it and to share it with others of all ages!

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Living Well Park Lane & Arvida Group

What does it mean to be a part of an Arvida Village?

Park Lane is an Arvida community, which means we are fully immersed in the attitude of living well! To help you feel younger for longer and actively engaged in life, we embrace the five key elements of living well.

Eating well

Our on-site chefs provide great food which is prepared fresh daily.

Moving well

From Tai Chi to low impact walking we encourage you to continue engaging in your choice of movement to support mobility, balance and strength.

Resting well

We recognise the importance of rest and relaxation, and encourage individualised sleeping routines.

Thinking well

We recognise the importance of providing opportunities to engage your mind and value what your life experiences and knowledge bring to our community.

Engaging well

We encourage engagement with family, friends and local community, as well as an active involvement in personal interests to bring you a sense of meaning and purpose.

Electric cars

for Living Well residents to use

We have the very latest in electric car technology for all of our apartment residents, so you can use one of our new vehicles any time you need one. You’ll never need to own a car again!

We have brand new electric BMW i-3s, electric Hyundai Ionics and a hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD to choose from. You can drive it like it’s your own! Imagine the money you can save. Not only will you avoid tying your cash up in a car, but you’ll also avoid all the associated running costs.

Our vehicles will be maintained, serviced and kept up to date, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Using the car for that shopping trip or weekend away will be so easy. Not sure what an electric car is like to drive? Why not take one of ours for a spin!

How much could you save?

We offer electric cars for several reasons: it’ll save you money, it’s good for the environment and we can use the parking space we save to offer you more lifestyle benefits, like a larger Wellness Centre, more gardens and more shared social areas.

To give you an idea of the savings you could expect, the cost of owning and running a petrol vehicle in NZ has been recently surveyed by the Automobile Association. The survey includes an average of all costs including depreciation, insurance, maintenance and fuel.

The AA estimates the average annual cost of owning a vehicle is approx $10,431*, so you could save approximately $200 per week by using one of our free electric cars.

That’s a saving of $870 per month!

Of course you’ll also save the purchase cost as well – from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the car, because we’ll buy and provide them for you.

* Source: NZAA Running Cost Report 2016.

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What cars will we have?

BMW i-3

Fully electric, 125 kW of power and a range of 330kms before recharging is required. Packed with all the modern European car features, including rain sensor wipers and lights, heated leather seats, parking assistant, navigation system, automatic air conditioning and LED lighting.

Hyundai Ionic

Fully electric, 200km+ range, Bluetooth hands-free phone system and quick charging.

Mitsubishi Outlander VRX 4WD Hybrid

Electric/petrol hybrid, full camera monitoring system, heated and powered leather seats, parking sensors and LED lighting.

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