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Breaking the mould of traditional thinking...

Our vision

Living the ‘good life’

Inspired by the Living Building Challenge, we have challenged ourselves to create a community of homes using sound environmental principles and providing value with spatial and energy efficiency. Carefully selected building materials combined with the unique design layout, roof lines and cladding deliver new levels of thermal comfort and energy saving.

Private courtyards, raised garden beds, pergolas and green walkways will flow easily from each apartment wing to the heart of the community, the Community Centre.

Our Community Centre is where residents will enjoy the greater neighbourhood community, with café, gym, heated pool and spa, fitness and wellness services, health specialists and medical professionals.

Rather than a gated community, we’re an open one! We welcome visitors, friends and family to come and enjoy our company, share our crafts and locally grown vegetables and help maintain our connection with the neighbourhood.

Living well in retirement

Productive gardens, animals, active outdoor living spaces, blokes' shed, crèche for kids, market days and more.